Times and Places

by Orphillius

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A folky album primarily inspired by The Beach Boys, Van Dyke Parks, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Donovan. Most of these songs are recorded acoustically, only a few use electronic instruments. Enjoy!


released May 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Orphillius Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Times and Places
Ohm why
I know what you're thinking of me
Ohm o sigh leeway

Well Mr. Bird
What I heard was a vile thing

You see this herd
Misty worlds have have disturbed tracking

Please, you are good
If you would, aid in navigating

There are times and places
In the roam
They control their faces
With a cone
When they decided
We were not their own
Their friendly faces
Showed another tone
Track Name: The Girl, Mirage
Walkin' in on this sunny day
With the swan's feather mirage

She brought the sunshine all the way
I'm in love with the girl, mirage

When the sun rose she held it up
I'm in love with the girl, mirage
Track Name: That's How I Am
I want to find something exciting
That's how I am

I want to live in true adventure
That's how I am
That's how I am!

Alongside dolphins
And over birds

I want to be like on the paper
That's how I am

I want to dress in many colors
That's how I am
That's how I am!

Dots and bright things
Silly Whim

I want to have a new idea
That's how I am

I want the world to understand me
That's how I am
That's how I am!
Track Name: The Clay Road
With the memory of evenings in back
The saddles we wore weren't much sadder than that
On the road where we gathered the clay
The travels were long on a lovely day

When we found we could carry no more
We set it all up and decorated the floor
Suddenly I am holding your hand
I smile at you, and you smile back

Why we passed by them some later more
I watered the path and made them room for
One was lovely, but dented with sand
I tangled some twine to repair his hand
Track Name: Lucky Dog
How'd somebody get so lucky?
How'd they win the bet?

I'd been helping out plenty people
Where's the prize I get?

You lucky dog! Lucky dog! Lucky dog!

How'd somebody get so lucky?
How'd they win the bet?

Why'd the best bread reach their table?
Why's that what they get?

I've been served one old bad and stale
Why's that what I get?

You lucky dog! Lucky dog! Lucky dog!

Why'd the best bread reach their table?
Why's that what they get?

When'd they show them which side was real?
When'd they tell the rest?

I've been thinking out of line they reveal
When'd they choose the best?

You lucky dog! Lucky dog! Lucky dog!

When'd they show them which side was real?
When'd they tell the rest?

How'd somebody get so lucky?
How'd they win the bet?
Track Name: Far Away (They Will Go)
We tried, they don't know
If they went out of scope
We could wait late, at front gate
But they might never show

They're slow, we all know
But think they'd find where to go?
The path's wide, and some parts wind
Nearly six feet below

Far away
They will go
If they find true what they were seeking
That we may never know
Track Name: Pacing Soldiers
Pacing Soldiers
I owe, I owe
Pace us all
Track Name: Bad Sign
Ice on the beach flavored sand
And the ocean's greeting is
A cold and hard hand
Who's great idea was that
To leave a footprint trail
To their newfound island?

Not too far from familiar land
A boy had collapsed in his winter coat and
We tried to return him to heat
But the cold had decided
His soul then would sleep

Bad sign; there's nothin ahead
Much further and we too would be dead

Soon we discovered his name
And the story as well of a game he had played
His father had blinded him young
And sent him out walking
Betrayed by the sun
Track Name: Ground Vines
Ground vines have an odd tendency
To expose in their growth pattern
Where bodies have been

Send one down

Gold found in the pockets of thieves
Though it never was ours
We will take it from these
Ground Vines

Send one down
Track Name: Shall We Search?
Shall we search, though the time is gone?
What what what do we do
What's the worst that could-a happen?
Let's go see it all through

What's that racket all around
Restless child making sound
We could calm him with the gel
Which we only brought to sell

But a problem can be solved
For as nature has its qualms
We are not yet so far past
That the child can't be asked

Poor kid lost his favorite thing
Little bell he liked to ring
Says he dropped it by the dust
Which was growing behind us

So we have to double back
And recall our early path
And keep covers for our eyes
Through the dust and swarms of flies
Track Name: The Blistering Sun Is All Round
The blistering sun is all round

Under a log I have found
A tired out frog stuck in the ground

He gave up listening for the sound
Of water making its honest way down

What could anybody do to help our little friend?
Some would say we carry on and let him find the end
There are flies all around, they're bothering the horse
Let us bring the 'phib about and live from now with us

I lowered my body carefully down
Cautiously making nary a sound

I tried to explain where we were bound
Being that we had not yet there found

"The blistering sun is all round"
He said in his croak, tongue all wound

So it be that we must leave behind our little friend
Some would call it cruel of us to leave him to his end
This one seems resigned to hopelessly dry out and die
It pains me to see such a thing, but still I say goodbye
Track Name: Loon's Concession
There are many things
That I have seen
I can't believe

What shall I do?
Where shall I be?
What shall I say?
Who comes with me?

Why am I here on earth?
Who put me there?
Am I to look around
Or sit just and stare?

Why am I here?
Why I'm not there?
Who should I be?
What do I care?

When do I find myself
A girl like this
Who am I looking for
A little kiss

Who am I
And who are you
What are we?
Look what we do

I am alone in life
And no one wants me
Everyone's searching
All around for me

I am alone right now
No one can see
The neighbors can hear but
That doesn't bother me

I am alone today
And for tonight
Tomorrow I'll hear from you
Tomorrow night!
Track Name: Piling Stones
A man at the foot of a mountain

Piling stones
Ever closer

His legs were rested and bent

Marks in the sand
All around him

He is the reason we were sent

Quiet in calm
Track Name: Our Own Green Field
A whole lot of seeds to sow
Our own green field
Water drawn from a hole
Our own hands yield

A whole lot of time to go
Our confirmed fears
New generations grow
Our children here

The sun has finally shown
The many times and places
In the roam